Are you feeling stuck, with a sense of overall flatness and loss of enthusiasm?

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For the last month I wasn’t feeling the Hell Yeah! that I talk about, which is the quality of enthusiasm that guides us to our joy daily. I also wasn’t feeling many Hell No’s! I was just feeling like my client Elize would say: “Meh… okay.”

At first I tried to “make it right” and move into positive thinking, gratitude and affirmations. But the more I tried to get out of my rut, the heavier my rut became.

I tried all sorts of things like physical exercise, eating dark chocolate and getting a manicure and pedicure. But all of them were short lived and still giving me that feeling of “Meh… okay.”

I didn’t know why I was feeling this way, but I got to a point that I decided to allow myself to be in it.

Instead of fighting my lack of enthusiasm, I surrendered to it.

I made a prayer to my Higher Power that said:

“I don’t know what is going on with me, but I give you my discomfort. I give you my lack of joy, my lack of energy and enthusiasm and I allow myself now to be in this “flatness”.

I decided to not work if I wasn’t feeling like working. I decided to watch as much T.V as I wanted to, which in my case, when I’m down, it involves a marathon of Real Housewives of all states of the USA.

I realized that my “Hell Yeah!” was actually to cozy up in a blanket for days and if needed, for weeks.

When I stopped trying to “make it right” and force my way back into the happy, cheery place that is so nice to be in, the answers that I was looking for started to manifest for me.

I realized that my dullness and hiding from the world were a consequence of big changes that are taking place in my life. I am letting go of many aspects of my life that are being replaced by new, more supportive behaviors. As any act of letting go involves a “loss”, I found myself in a space of “mourning” my old ways.

I didn’t feel like doing anything, so in surrendering to my emotional state, I found that I could breathe and feel more at ease. As I navigated through the last month the best that I could, I found that I applied four steps that helped me greatly and can help you as well.

If you are feeling down, with lack of energy or enthusiasm in your life, I invite you to take these steps:

1) Allow yourself to be in your “dull”, “flat”, “down” space. Don’t put a time frame on how long you should take a break or when you should be feeling happy again. The more you try to control the timing, the harder it will be to move through the discomfort.

2) Give up your fears and feelings of sadness to a Loving Power and invite it to participate with you. You can simply make a prayer such as:

“I can’t do this, please come participate with me in this moment.”

Find your own way of communicating and asking for assistance.

Remember: part of co-creating with the Universe is to allow a Higher Power to guide you step by step. You just need to invite this Loving Power into your life and things will transform for the better.

3) Ask yourself: what is it that I am hiding from? What is really bothering me today? What am I really afraid of?

As you start getting clarity, you will be able to be more gentle with yourself. Honor the answers that you find within. You may find sadness, fear or anger as an underlying presence. Once you know what is bothering you, you can accept your anger, sadness or fear and then surround it with the energy of Love and forgive yourself for believing those fears or feelings of separation as true.

4) Meditate: Close your eyes in meditation and shower your fears, your upsets and your lack of joy with the light of love, acceptance and forgiveness. You can try this audio meditation by Kelsie Mc Sherry to work on loving, accepting and forgiving yourself and your emotions. It works wonders, but you need to do it!

There is nothing “wrong” with being down, feeling lost or even sad. If we can love, accept and forgive ourselves just the way we are, just in the space we are at now, without judging and trying to “make it” right, we will find a greater freedom that will transform our lives and we will move so much faster into lighter times!

I invite you to try these steps out and I would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you try any or all of these steps, I would love to hear how they’ve worked for you!

We are all in this journey of abundance together! Thank you for being here week after week, being a part of my journey and sharing in this amazing community!

With love,

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