How to forgive someone when it’s hard

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Do you ever feel that no matter how much you’ve tried to forgive certain people or situations in your life, you just can’t?

I’ve been there, over and over again trying to find an approach that would help me break free from resentments that were holding me down throughout my life.

When we hold a grudge against someone or something, we are actually holding ourselves down.

It’s like trying to float over the surface of the ocean while holding an anchor at the same time. That’s why forgiveness is so important, because we want to feel light and most importantly, we want our freedom and joy!

Today I’m going to share with you a new exercise that helps you work through forgiveness quickly so that you can reclaim your personal power. If you are struggling to forgive someone and just can’t do it, this is exactly for you!

I learned this technique from my spiritual mentors and have been applying it for quite some time with profound results. It has really made my life brighter, lighter and easier in many ways.

If we want to open up to true abundance, we need to make space for it inside. Part of making space is to work with those things that are separating us from our happiness and do something about them. This is when forgiveness comes into play.

Today I will answer a specific question about forgiveness from Marina, who says:

“I have worked so hard to forgive my parents for how they were to me when I was young, I hated them, they were horrible parents. I keep doing the same forgiveness over and over again, and feel like I forgave, but it keeps on coming back.

Now they are great and we have a good relationship, and I know they will live with the horrific way they treated me all their life, but I have to release it and let it go and free them of this burden even if it’s simply energetically.

What more can I do to forgive them? I know they did what they did cause they had no other idea of what else to do and they were going through some seriously huge and at times horrible things too.”

Watch this video to learn this new approach to forgiveness that will transform your life when you apply it:



Let me know in the comments below if you are ready to try this new approach to forgiveness. Or, once you have tried it out, what was your experience? I’d love to hear how things have shifted for you!

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