How to quickly move from hurt to happiness


Guest post by Hanna Bier

Looking back at my life I notice that what has propelled me forward and what has made the biggest impact on my journey were the breakdowns.

More precisely, the way I broke down.

For many years, I used all of my energy to resist my shadows and to ignore my sadness. I tried to push through no matter what and keep my face so that nobody will see my struggle.

Every time I did this, I grew a little more stiff and bitter and my belly contracted a little bit more. The more I hid my ugly truth, me more I shrunk.

I thought that what set the successful and the unsuccessful apart was that the successful were more skillful at shoving down their darkness and hiding it better.

I thought that if only I try a little more, I can keep the glamorous façade and fool people into believing that I have it all figured out.

And weirdly enough, some people did. Up until this day, there are acquaintances from my past who think that I am this intelligent and talented girl, whose life never takes any uncomfortable turns. I was known to be a straight A student, talented singer and actress and very intelligent girl. My life seemed easy and fruitful. But quite the opposite was actually true.

My life hasn’t been easy at all and the only reason why it doesn’t seem that way is because I have become a master hider.

Luckily enough, the Universe has big plans for me and doesn’t let me live a mediocre life. The more I hid and suppressed my truth, the more I got challenged to face it.

The pressure on me kept growing until I broke down.

All my shadow qualities washed over me. All of the feelings I didn’t want to feel bubbled up and out through me. Everything I ever ignored stared me right in the face. My fear of being left alone, my shame around my body and the trauma I have been trying to swallow all these years. I didn’t have the strength to resist it any longer. I had to allow myself to experience this as it comes up. No more running away.

As soon as I started surrendering to my inner turmoil and acknowledging it, as opposed to pushing it away, things started moving in my life.

Friends found me. Inspiration found me. Bliss found me. Health found me.

As soon as I allowed myself to break down, I broke through to something else. Allowing my experiences to wash over me and destroy big parts of me was what I needed for a fresh start.

All of the stale lies and dark secrets made their way out through my tears and cries and this was the path to the light.

The one thing I found crucial to improve my life and make my vision a reality, is to get comfortable with this:


It astonishes me that the only gate to a brighter future is destruction. I noticed that if I can just succumb to the pain and trauma, I will move on and up that much faster. Feeling the feelings is the only medicine.

By allowing them to bubble up and out through me, by leaning into the intensity just a little more, I notice the darkness leaving my body much faster.

And over time I even got comfortable with pain. I have come to like the confusion and awkwardness of break downs because it means that I am standing at the door to the next great adventure.

And so I hurt, surrender and rise.


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