How to use affirmations to your advantage


One thing I always thought was missing from my DNA map is patience. I am a type A personality—very driven and very focused on what I want to manifest. And I’ve always struggled with the idea of letting things unfold in their own divine time.

I’ve always wanted to get from point A to point C without passing through point B.

When I didn’t see my business goals manifested at the speed I wished for, my impatience brought me anxiety. And when things didn’t seem to develop fast enough for me, I began to question everything I did.

So as a New Year’s intention, I decided to practice something that has been always foreign to me:


For the past couple of weeks, I started playing with an affirmation in my mind. It was as simple as this:

“I am patience”

I don’t say “I am patient” but instead  I say: I am patience. For me, the words I use are important, and patience is a quality of  Spirit. I can tap into the essence of  Spirit when I practice patience, a quality that is in me and in all of you. That essence is untouchable, pure and perfect in its spiritual form. Patience belongs to that essence, as well as peace, loving, forgiveness, compassion and abundance.

Last week, when I picked up Gregg at the airport, I got to test my patience. I spent a whole hour doing laps in my car around the terminal while he waited for his bags. I realized then that I could just be patient, accept the situation and enjoy listening to music, or I could get angry and experience the discomfort of having to wait.

Either way, the situation wasn’t going to change. So I decided to make the best of the situation, by reminding myself constantly that I am patience and enjoying the music while I was driving.

During that hour of doing laps around the Honolulu terminal, I realized that life is so much easier and much more enjoyable when I am patience.

So now, when I do my affirmations, I claim what I really am. I am a part of  Spirit. Therefore:

I am abundance

I am loving

I am patience

I am forgiveness

I am compassion

I am understanding

I am peace

Using these short affirmations, you can tap into the true Source that is behind the words and start living from that spiritual place.

It is so simple that you may think there has to be more to this.

You can start claiming who you really are by affirming it now, in the present moment.

As I expand into patience, I learn more about acceptance as well. In my patience, I accept what is happening in the present and allow it to be what it is.

This concept has changed my life. Instead of trying to make a situation different and fighting it, now I affirm that “I am acceptance.”

I get less angry, and I find more freedom and joy in my day-to-day activities.

This is why I want to share with you today a technique you can apply to move into a more simple, loving, and abundant life.

If you feel that things are not moving fast enough, I invite you to affirm:

“I am patience”

“I am acceptance”

“I am abundance”

You can play with the wording and make your own affirmations if you like. Make them yours. Infuse your energy into them!

I’d love it if you would give these affirmations a try. Claim what you truly are in Spirit and see how your life unfolds.

And please, share with me in the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.

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