Let go of everything to receive EVERYTHING (+Take a peek inside my home!)


Sometimes in order to make space for Abundance in our lives, we need to go through a huge shift. Sometimes we have to let go of everything to receive EVERYTHING.

Sometimes it involves letting go of relationships that are not serving us for our growth anymore, living situations, the way we are approaching our careers or the way we are living our lives overall.

Last year I “lost it all”: my health, my marriage, my home, my career for a full year, my joy, my happiness.

For four months I could barely move out of the bed from an accident I suffered that led me to a brain injury that lasted 13 months. Every single day was a nightmare. My head was pounding and I couldn’t do anything at all. For the first three months I couldn’t even read an email because I would get fatigued.

Then divorce came, shock, anger, depression, feeling totally lost.

One night, as I was lying in the grass under a starry sky listening to Led Zeppelin, I realized that I was feeling totally empty.

It wasn’t a “bad empty”, neither  a “good empty” feeling. Just neutral:  No desires, no pull, no wants.

Total nothingness. A big, empty, uncomfortable space that I had no idea how I would fill up, if that would ever happen.

I allowed myself time to heal and nurture my body and soul. I went back to the basics of eating well, spending time with my dog and surfing whenever my body allowed me. I meditated a lot and then some more.

The void started to get filled slowly by a Loving force.

Today, I feel full to overflow. Full of gratitude, joy and Abundance in my life.

I see the perfect plan that the Universe had for me, that is much greater than anything I could have dreamed of.

There’s only space for LOVE in my life, and nothing else. Just Loving (Love-in-Action) manifesting itself through my family, my old and new friends, the beauty of Hawaii, the connection with people like you that read what I write (thank you).

As my life got fulfilled from within, the outer manifestation started to reflect that Abundance as well. Today I’m writing this post from my new condo as I watch the turquoise ocean from my window.


Yes, this is my office where I am typing from now!

About  two months ago I was asked to move out of my rental.  I wondered, “What the F am I gonna do now?”. To make a long story short, that circumstance led me to take a huge leap, that was to buy my first condo in Hawaii.

I just finished remodeling it after three weeks of intense work. Now my home is just the way I dreamed of.  I allowed my “inner child” to roam free and express herself. That’s how every single decision was made during the remodeling and decoration process, by following my “Hell Yeah!”.

It’s been quite a journey of manifesting a dream and at the same time bringing all aspects of my life into union. From my favorite colors (that happened to be the same as my brand and website’s color palette, without consciously knowing at the time of remodeling), to bringing aspects of my past that I left behind years ago, when I was a city girl living in Buenos Aires.

When I was young I grew up listening to punk and rock music, I loved fashion and I played the bass. During the last decade, as I was pursuing my surfing dreams, I forgot about all those aspects of my life and in a sense buried them. In this remodeling I allowed myself to have a gallery wall with some of my favorite artists, musicians and fashion muses to get visual inspiration and I brought the essence of rock and roll into the overall aesthetic feel of the condo.

    All my favorite artists in one place: Egon Schiele, Klimt, Basquiat and bands that I grew up listening to, The Velvet Underground and The Sex Pistols. And the queen, of course, my fashion muse, Kate Moss

All my favorite artists in one place: Egon Schiele, Klimt, Basquiat and bands that I grew up listening to, The Velvet Underground and The Sex Pistols. And the queen, of course, my fashion muse, Kate Moss

Here are a few photos of my condo “before”, “during” ( how I envisioned it all in my mind and put it together through screen shots), and “after”, the end result.

Before: full of possibilities

Before: a tiny space full of possibilities

During: Manifesting the vision in my mind

During: Manifesting the vision in my mind

After: the vision came alive

After: the vision came to life


Bringing my love for music, surfing and art together in one place. Coming into union with all aspects of myself through this process.

bed view

All I see is ocean to the left and green mountains to the right. Paradise on Earth.


My dreamy, airy, fairy, bed.. Check out the view of the ocean reflecting in the mirror! True Abundance.

Now I have my own home, at the beach, ocean view, I still can’t believe it.

It’s a tiny studio, but for Hawaiian prices, I am beyond happy to own property here. It’s perfect for me at this stage of my life .

I made it an abundant  place so I can write my book in the next months from a place that inspires me. I’ve learned that in order to expand into greater Abundance, we need to make the best out of what is present today.

I could have simply moved into my “before” condo and put some furniture and be done in one day. But I wanted to feel like I was living in a “million bucks” place. So I did my best with my creativity and I invested money to take it a few levels up from where it was.


My new backyard. Beach for miles, no people around and (shhhh…) I found a secret wave that I surf all by my myself everyday, far into the outer reef. What a gift!

Last year “nothing happened” in regards to outer success. Now things are turning around…fast!

A few weeks ago, I launched my first online program which I am LOVING doing with the people who joined, and for what they are sharing they love it too. This fulfills me more than I could express.

My TV feature for ESPN just aired for an audience of 2 million people in Latin America and Spain and came out very nicely.

And yesterday I watched the first rough edit of a movie that is coming up next year about women big wave surfers, which has me as one of the main characters. Talk about everything happening at once!

I feel expansive, one with the Universe at all levels. It’s one big movement of Abundance that moves in me and through me and makes me feel unlimited.

The best part is that all these great things happening were not really something I went to achieve and “go get”. It has all been given by the Universe. Each step of the way I was being led by a Loving force that showed me which actions steps to take next.

The big U had much greater plans than my limited mind.

I am still surprised by how things unfolded and how Abundance at a greater level was manifested in my life. And when I say Abundance, it’s not just the outer manifestation such as the condo or things moving forward in my career or living in a beautiful place, etc.

To live in Abundance for me, is to be one with the everything: every single part of my being is merged with the Universe in a perfect dance of co-creation and expression.

Abundance is to live life holding my focus on loving it all and being in gratitude for everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. When I can live from that place, I have it all.

The process for me has been about letting go, allowing and expanding into greater Abundance.

None of this would be happening if things wouldn’t have changed last year. I didn’t want to let go, so life “ripped it all off” from me, so I could eventually let go. It was all gone.

And yes, it sucked and I wouldn’t want to walk through the pain again. But how amazing it is on the other side…

If I would have known a year ago…

If things are rough for you, hang in there.

Yet, better don’t “hang on to things”.

That’s when it becomes much harder than it needs to.

It will get better. Much better. If we just let it all go.


If you want to learn how to apply the principles of Abundance into your life so you can manifest your dreams and live a fulfilled life from within, I have one spot left for the six week coaching package to start on the second week of August.

Are you ready to take your life a few steps further? Check it all out here and email me at mercedes@mercedesmaidana.com to save your spot.

Also, make sure that you are enrolled to my newsletter to receive updates. Next week I will be sharing with you about something pretty epic that involves You, Me and Hawaii.

I cannot wait to share the details of this magical dream that’s being manifested!

Besos and Unlimited Abundance,


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