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  • A new approach to gratitude that will get you through rough times faster


    If you live in the United States, you’ll probably be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this Thursday.

    We have so much to be grateful for, and Thanksgiving is a nice opportunity to pay attention to our blessings, including our friends and family, our health, and healthy meals. We live in such abundance! I’ve found that gratitude is a powerful force. When I can be grateful for what is present in my life, everything seems to flow easier.

    Instead of looking at the half-empty glass, gratitude makes us focus on the half that is full.

    We are usually grateful for the great things in our lives, but have you ever thought that you could be grateful for the tough times as well?

    We might have been able to be thankful for the lessons learned that came after the hardship.

    Once we were on the other side of the pain, and had gotten our lives back  together, we were able to acknowledge the lessons that we learned from the tough times.

    Through these lessons we grew immensely, became stronger and maybe even more spiritually aware. We were grateful for the lesson – after the fact.

    I came to discover a new way to apply gratitude in my life that has transformed me at a deep level.

    Four years ago, I was starting my coaching practice and was giving my heart and soul to every aspect of growing my business. My dream was to be able to help other women in creating their dream lives, and I also wanted to be able to pay my bills while doing so.

    I put an extraordinary amount of work into getting my website ready, making my brand message clear, and learning about marketing so I could have traffic and visitors to my website. In other words, all that jazz that every entrepreneur has to go through in the beginning stages of a business.

    I was doing this by myself, and I sometimes hit walls along the way. I asked myself how do I get clients? How do I get more readers for my blog? Read More

  • How to Have a Positive Attitude When Things Don’t Go Your Way


    Today I want to share with you about an experience I had a few days ago, a new insight came to me. I made a major upgrade in my life that led me to greater Abundance. It wasn’t about anything material. It was about my attitude!

    I had to take a flight from Austin back home to Hawaii. I made it to the airport on time and ended up waiting for more than 4 hours because the incoming plane was delayed. I finally had to cancel my flight and schedule it for the next day, as I was not going to make the connection on time.

    In the beginning I thought: “Hmmm, how can I manifest going home today? What am I doing wrong here?” But something in me was open to seeing what would unfold from this experience. So I went along with it and was actually excited to see what surprises were in store for me with this situation.

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  • Are you afraid of what people you know may think about your work?


    If you are a coach, a writer, an artist or offering any service that provides value to others, you may have gone through times where you felt afraid of putting yourself out there because of the fear of what people may think of you. Not just the general public, but mostly people from your life such as family, friends, past or present co-workers and acquaintances.

    You may be thinking that you are not perfect enough to put yourself out there in the world and teach on the things you are passionate about. Or, you may be feeling embarrassed from past situations or even past “failures” and concerned about what these people think about your new career.

    Well, if some of this resonates, you are probably finding yourself stuck in growing your business and not doing what you really want to do for a living. Being in this place is such a disservice to your tribe because it stops you dead in your tracks from moving forward and helping the people that need it most.

    I share two key things you can do today that helps you to overcome these fears of being judged by people, especially the ones you know. This is the same process I apply in my life and business on a regular basis.

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  • Are you procrastinating in developing your business?


    You’ve started your business, and there is a hell of a lot to do! You have to work on your website, marketing, branding, social media, connections, building and growing your list, launching products, and the list keeps going!

    You have dreams and visions, but your days go by and it doesn’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. All you remember is that you entered Facebook in the morning, with the idea of just catching up with your virtual friends and, suddenly, the day is gone and nothing got done.

    Are you hiding behind Facebook, Twitter, or the TV?

    Well, you’re not alone. I’ve talked to many women who’ve shared similar concerns. They all find ways to procrastinate, and avoid taking responsibility for their businesses.

    If you’ve been avoiding what you need to be doing to grow your business, this may be a good time to ask yourself WHY.

    Why are you avoiding the things you need to do?

    Are you too stressed out?

    Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks you need to tackle in order to build momentum in your business.

    Maybe you’ve spent too much time comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, and you’re feeling defeated, frustrated, or that you’re not good enough to run a successful business.

    If you feel this way, I invite you to try something different. Read More

  • Join me for a free Coaching Masterclass


    I have really good news to share with you! I can officially say that I am recovered from the concussion that I suffered four and a half months ago! Pheew…that was a lot of time to rest and give myself space to just BE.

    It is amazing, now that I feel good again, so much inspiration and creativity is pouring through me!

    This is why I always say: If you need to take a break, take it! We need to allow the space for abundance to come into our lives.

    During the last month, as I started to feel better, I did a lot of thinking about how I wanted to proceed with my business. I decided that I will start sharing with you more often via live free webinars.

    I just want to share all that I know about abundance with you and help you manifest your dream life. That is my “Hell Yeah!”.

    We will be doing live Q+A coaching sessions, so you can really go deeper into what is stopping you from living the epic life that you want.

    So, here is the good news… (drum roll please!)

    I invite you to my first free-live webinar, where you will learn 3 steps to overcome what is really stopping your from abundance

     Sign up here!

    When: July 29th/7pm EST/ 6pm CST /
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  • How to forgive someone when it’s hard


    Do you ever feel that no matter how much you’ve tried to forgive certain people or situations in your life, you just can’t?

    I’ve been there, over and over again trying to find an approach that would help me break free from resentments that were holding me down throughout my life.

    When we hold a grudge against someone or something, we are actually holding ourselves down.

    It’s like trying to float over the surface of the ocean while holding an anchor at the same time. That’s why forgiveness is so important, because we want to feel light and most importantly, we want our freedom and joy!

    Today I’m going to share with you a new exercise that helps you work through forgiveness quickly so that you can reclaim your personal power. If you are struggling to forgive someone and just can’t do it, this is exactly for you!

    I learned this technique from my spiritual mentors and have been applying it for quite some time with profound results. It has really made my life brighter, lighter and easier in many ways.

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