• Why I cancelled my online group coaching program two days after the launch


    Have you ever pursued a project or done a business decision that felt icky in your stomach? I did last week.

    For the last year I had on the back of my mind the idea of selling online coaching programs to teach my principles of business + abundance in group settings. After coaching so many women 1-1, I realized that I was repeating over and over similar principles to help them move forward with their business dreams. Instead of only offering 1-1 sessions, I thought to coach to large groups.

    I tried to develop the program last year, but for some reason there was no energy behind it, so I put it to the side. A few weeks ago, I opened the notes I had with all the topics and modules I was going to teach, and I realized that I had a lot of great content! All I needed to do was to polish it and launch it, easy piece!

    For two weeks I worked incessantly on all the details to get this program out into the world. I used the help of my amazing assistant Michelle, who stayed up late helping me to finish the project to launch on my deadline. I also hired my amazing editor Rose to help me with the copy editing. The full team was moving forward with the program and I couldn’t wait to get it out into the world!

    Fast forward, three-two–one, the program was launched last week. If you are currently subscribed to my newsletter, you probably read the last email where I announced the program and shared a link to the page with all the info.

    Well, the day I launched I felt a weird sensation in my gut:

    A part of me wanted to sell a lot of programs to have a burst of abundance showing up in my life, but another part was hoping that nobody would buy it.

    Does that sound weird? Let me explain…

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  • Four tips to overcome perfectionism


    Are you putting off launching your online program, writing your book, getting your website ready or doing your sales copy?

    Over the past few years, I’ve talked to hundreds of women who shared similar scenarios:

    They had a dream, but they didn’t want to fail. So they didn’t do anything.

    They said they were working on their projects, but they got stuck in the details. They wouldn’t let go of their work, wouldn’t let others see it, until it was absolutely perfect.

    Or even worst: they wouldn’t even start working on their projects because of the high expectations they had placed on themselves.

    The problem is that we stop moving forward because we get stuck trying to achieve perfection.

    When your creativity is held inside you, you get stagnant and start feeling disconnected from your Higher Self. When you’re disconnected from your true nature—the one that creates, manifests, activates, and shares, you may start feeling sad, angry or even depressed.

    Most of the time we have these feelings, because we’re avoiding what we need to do. In that avoidance, we get lost.

    If you are going through this situation, I want you to try something different. If anything, try it only for a day and see how it goes. It may be the start you need to break through. Read More

  • The secret that successful entrepreneurs don’t tell you


    A manifesto for new entrepreneurs

    You see the mogul entrepreneurs killing it online. You see fancy websites and catchy offerings. You see five-figure email lists, features on Oprah’s TV show, people making thousand of dollars selling their services, and you wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

    You work your tail off day and night, and you’re still far from reaching the success that you are striving for.

    You even wonder whether you’ll ever have your own breakthrough.

    Here’s something that you might not have considered when you compared yourself to the big names in your field. Read More

  • Start setting healthy boundaries and do more of what you love


    Do you do everything for everyone else and take care of yourself last? Are you paying the price for it?

    Are you used to saying YES to each and every request that comes your way?

    There’s nothing bad about helping others and being there for those who need us. But the problem comes when we put ourselves, our lives, and our businesses last. We end up paying a high price for not setting boundaries.

    Do you wish you had the time to grow your business, or to simply rest and do something fun?

    Today  I will share with you one simple way to start setting healthy boundaries so you can use your time in the way that you really want to.

    The key to bringing change into our lives is to take baby steps. Read More

  • Are you an overachiever? Your life will not collapse if you stop to smell the roses


    Are you feeling stressed out?

    If you are an entrepreneur, you may have a hard time taking time off for yourself.

    I have a hard time sometimes, when I get so enthusiastic with my work that I forget about the hours passing by! But in order to live in abundance, we need to give a time and a space to each aspect of our lives: health, spirituality, relationships, family, finances.

    When we neglect certain areas of our lives, we start feeling out of balance and eventually stressed out!

    Does this ring a bell to you?

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  • How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: 10 Ways to Rock the Stage


    Once again I am here to share with you some tools that might help you to keep expanding into a more abundant kick ass life!

    For the last year I had been doing motivational talks around the world and I realized that I got asked the same question once and again: how do I get to speak in public calmly?
    I finally stopped for a moment to reflect on what process I do before and during my talks and I will share with you some tools that will help you take off into the stage! Read More