Find Peace Within

  • Surrender your will and you’ll get everything you want


    Wow, it’s been a while since I have connected via this blog. Truth is, I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’ve been living my life to a whole new level since the last three years of hardship (due to my concussion). Since February 4th, something big shifted in my life: I’ve got my health back!

    You might remember (or not), my last blog post, around January. I wrote about my decision to surrender to the fact that I might be living with a permanent health condition. I finally accepted not just that, but I welcomed my concussion to be a part of my life. It was a liberating moment, where I was able to accept myself fully and love all aspects of myself (including those aspects that I judged as “bad”, such as my health condition). By that point, I’ve tried every treatment I knew of, spent thousands of dollars to improve my health and countless hours doing recovery treatments.

    I thought that there was nothing more that I could do, and that would be it: I will always suffer from the symptoms that left me fatigued constantly.

    I won’t lie, I felt sad about it, but I was ready to accept my life “concussed”.

    The next day, after I truly let go, I received a phone call from Jill, from One Hit Away Foundation. Jill has been guiding me throughout the last years to the right doctors in Austin and holding my hand as I navigated my recovery in a new city, far from my home in Hawaii.

    Jill made a connection with the Amen Clinics and told me that I was offered the opportunity to get treatment in San Francisco to figure out what else needed to be done in order for me to heal and have a “normal” life again.

    They flew me to San Francisco and I’ve got brain spect- scans performed and many tests during several days.

    Finally, the results came back. My doctor said:

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  • Do you feel fear of the future? How to overcome your rumbling mind and move into an abundant mindset


    Today I want to share an interview I did months ago with Mind & Money Coach Kylie Patchett.

    What started as an interview focused on how to move into greater Abundance in our lives, ended up as a raw, honest conversation about fear, overcoming hardship and finding a way to deal with our unconscious thoughts that are keeping us apart from our peace and happiness.

    When we recorded this interview, I remember feeling this energy of Abundance “taking over” me. There was a sense of enthusiasm coming through me and I couldn’t stop nor control the flow. I usually go where the energy leads me and in this case it was to share about a very personal process throughout the months that followed the separation from my ex-husband.

    I always believed that if any of my experiences may help other people to overcome their own challenges then I will share with an open heart and in all honesty. This is exactly what happened in this heartfelt interview. Read More

  • A new approach to gratitude that will get you through rough times faster


    If you live in the United States, you’ll probably be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this Thursday.

    We have so much to be grateful for, and Thanksgiving is a nice opportunity to pay attention to our blessings, including our friends and family, our health, and healthy meals. We live in such abundance! I’ve found that gratitude is a powerful force. When I can be grateful for what is present in my life, everything seems to flow easier.

    Instead of looking at the half-empty glass, gratitude makes us focus on the half that is full.

    We are usually grateful for the great things in our lives, but have you ever thought that you could be grateful for the tough times as well?

    We might have been able to be thankful for the lessons learned that came after the hardship.

    Once we were on the other side of the pain, and had gotten our lives back  together, we were able to acknowledge the lessons that we learned from the tough times.

    Through these lessons we grew immensely, became stronger and maybe even more spiritually aware. We were grateful for the lesson – after the fact.

    I came to discover a new way to apply gratitude in my life that has transformed me at a deep level.

    Four years ago, I was starting my coaching practice and was giving my heart and soul to every aspect of growing my business. My dream was to be able to help other women in creating their dream lives, and I also wanted to be able to pay my bills while doing so.

    I put an extraordinary amount of work into getting my website ready, making my brand message clear, and learning about marketing so I could have traffic and visitors to my website. In other words, all that jazz that every entrepreneur has to go through in the beginning stages of a business.

    I was doing this by myself, and I sometimes hit walls along the way. I asked myself how do I get clients? How do I get more readers for my blog? Read More

  • How to forgive someone when it’s hard


    Do you ever feel that no matter how much you’ve tried to forgive certain people or situations in your life, you just can’t?

    I’ve been there, over and over again trying to find an approach that would help me break free from resentments that were holding me down throughout my life.

    When we hold a grudge against someone or something, we are actually holding ourselves down.

    It’s like trying to float over the surface of the ocean while holding an anchor at the same time. That’s why forgiveness is so important, because we want to feel light and most importantly, we want our freedom and joy!

    Today I’m going to share with you a new exercise that helps you work through forgiveness quickly so that you can reclaim your personal power. If you are struggling to forgive someone and just can’t do it, this is exactly for you!

    I learned this technique from my spiritual mentors and have been applying it for quite some time with profound results. It has really made my life brighter, lighter and easier in many ways.

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  • Are you self-sabotaging your abundance?


    Today I want to share something that you may be feeling without even knowing about!

    Do you feel guilty around your loved ones when things are too good for you?

    From speaking with friends and clients lately, I’ve witnessed many women struggling through similar feeling and patterns:

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  • Lessons after a blow to the head (Part 2: Inspiration Versus Perspiration)


    As you may already know, I suffered a mild concussion three and a half months ago while surfing big waves in Oregon

    Since then, life as I knew it has drastically changed. The first two months after the accident, I was in what I called “survival mode.” Simple tasks, such as making myself lunch, became the goal of my day. Everything exhausted me, constant headaches kept me down, and naps became as essential to my everyday life as breathing.

    After that first couple of months, I slowly began to feel a little better. I had my ups and downs. Some days I had a little energy and was able to do some work. Other days, I could only watch Netflix from the couch all day.

    I’m a Taurus with a type A personality. You know, a “go getter” kind of girl. My whole life I’ve been proactive, as I worked toward making my dream life a reality, growing a successful business, accomplishing goals, and all the other stuff that goes along being a doer.

    It took a huge blow to the head to finally make me STOP.

    At first, I thought that I could manage to stop for a few weeks and then get back to my life. But my brain wasn’t fully healed, and every time I attempted to get myself back to normal, I failed. Read More