Keys to Abundance

  • Manifest Money in 24 Hours- Free Course + Resources For You


    If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a big money goal for 2014.  In this space (my website) I am going to share with you the best tips and tools to manifest your “Hell Yeah!” abundant life.

    Today I want to proudly introduce you to my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas (I say proudly because I only share with you the best of the very best). Denise is a mindset coach and the author of the awesome book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

    I want to share with you a free course so you can learn how to manifest money in the next 24 hours. If you take notes and take action, you will see results! I love how Denise applies the principles of abundance in a tangible, practical way that brings results.

    Check it out here to access it for free.

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  • How do you handle a compliment?


    Today, I want to share with you one simple way to start expanding into abundance.

    If you’re like me, you may find it easy to give to others: I can easily give gifts, compliments, support and love. But when others give to me, I find it difficult to receive the abundance they offer.

    For example, I see this happening in my daily life. When a friend tells me, “You look beautiful today.” I find myself saying, “Oh, my hair is a mess and I have to dye the roots, but thanks.” Or I might say, “Well, I look puffy today because I slept too long.” It really blows my mind how often I tend to bounce a compliment back instead of simply accepting it.

    I do it with my clients as well. After a great session one of them might say, “Thanks, this was really amazing, and I can’t thank you enough.” And I find myself saying in return, “I didn’t do anything. It was all you doing the work.” There is much truth in that statement, but it is not the words that matter, it is where we are coming from with those words. When I bounce the compliment back, I do it because I am not open to receiving abundance in my life. A part of me feels unworthy of it.

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  • Meditation to manifest your dreams



    My beloved friend and mentor, Kelsie McSherry, recorded this audio for you. It is something you can do daily or weekly to start manifesting your goals.

    To allow abundance into our reality we first need to feel it, see it and live it.

    This L.A.V.A meditation does wonders! Because when we use it, we can start visualizing our dreams and bringing gratitude for them as if they were already manifesting in our lives.

    The name L.A.V.A comes from: Light, Affirmation, Visualization and Action. Read More

  • Take action towards your goals now! (Don’t read this blog post!)


    You may wonder why in the world I would write a blog post if I’m asking you not to read it. Well, because the theme of today is to take action, I’d rather have you take the next steps towards realizing your dreams, than spending your time reading my blog post.

    I’ll make this one short and sweet, so that once you are done reading, you can start moving towards your dream.

    Do you know why I seem so drastic in my approach? Because I know from my own experience what it is to want to do something and to procrastinate forever.

    We may read inspirational blogs and post motivational quotes on our Facebook walls. Or even better: we may visualize our dreams, and do affirmations of all sorts.

    All those things are awesome, and they do work! But we need to combine them with a great deal of taking action to set things in motion.

    Let me illustrate how I’ve learned about this concept.

    For years, I drove the oldest, tiniest beat-up car you can imagine. The paint was peeling off because of the rust, and the transmission didn’t work well. I had to warm up the car for 15 minutes each morning before driving it or it wouldn’t get any speed at all in the highway.

    At that point I already knew many tools for manifesting my dreams, such as doing treasure maps (or vision boards), affirmations and visualizations. So I was happily visualizing a new car, but the years passed me by and I it was still driving my old car. One day I realized that I was just doing the “inner action” and I wasn’t taking any outer action.

    It was until a friend of mine suggested that I should actually go to car dealerships, ask about prices, and learn more about what I wanted to buy. In my mind, I was hoping for a new car to just show up in my driveway! I’m not saying that something like that couldn’t happen, but who knows how long it might have taken if I had gone on that route. So I took action, and it took me three months of research and test driving different cars to find the one I needed and wanted.

    I ended up getting an amazing deal and a better car than I was hoping for! The universe backed me up and gave me some cherries on top of the pie.

    Lately we’ve been talking about manifesting your ideal career. Let’s apply the concept of TAKING ACTION into this dream. Read More

  • This is how I manifested my biggest dream


    In order to manifest something into our lives, we first need to believe with our hearts and minds that we are already living in that Abundance. When we believe it and live it first, we start moving into that consciousness of having that which we want, so the Universe will eventually  fulfill that space that we created.  With our thoughts, actions and beliefs we create our reality.

    To illustrate this concept, let me share my story of how I manifested my dream. Around the year 2007 I decided that I wanted to become a professional big wave surfer. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, I didn’t have any contacts in the surfing industry and I was just getting started surfing big waves. All I knew was that big wave surfing was my passion and I wanted to pursue it to the fullest. My dream was to get paid by a company to travel the world chasing big waves.

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  • Learn how to make space for Abundance


    Today I will identify another Key to unlock the flow of abundance into our lives: it is what I call Making Space.

    When we want to call a certain experience into our lives, we need to know that with our thoughts, actions and beliefs, when can attract that which we desire. We are here to co-create with the divine in order to shape the life we want to live.
    If we want to bring abundance into our lives we need to make space for it to show up.  Abundance can manifest in the form of health, wealth, relationships, all areas of our lives. Abundance is not just expresses as financial, but it is  also love, joy, understanding, peace, all the qualities of Spirit. I will share three ways of making space to allow the blessings of abundance into our lives.

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