• Taking the biggest leap of faith (And big changes coming for 2016!)


    Have you ever faced a situation where you had to make a major decision that would change the course of your life?

    Did your body cringe in fear, yet your soul knew it was exactly what you needed to do?

    If you’ve ever found yourself facing a huge life change, you know exactly how much power a single moment in time can have: the moment you decide to do something totally new.

    I’ve been through a major changing event in my life the past weeks. After eleven years living in Hawaii, I am moving to Austin.

    I know, you may be thinking, Austin Texas? But there’s no surf there!

    Believe me, I am aware of that, yet this is my next step to take. Let me explain… Read More

  • Lessons after a blow to the head (Part 2: Inspiration Versus Perspiration)


    As you may already know, I suffered a mild concussion three and a half months ago while surfing big waves in Oregon

    Since then, life as I knew it has drastically changed. The first two months after the accident, I was in what I called “survival mode.” Simple tasks, such as making myself lunch, became the goal of my day. Everything exhausted me, constant headaches kept me down, and naps became as essential to my everyday life as breathing.

    After that first couple of months, I slowly began to feel a little better. I had my ups and downs. Some days I had a little energy and was able to do some work. Other days, I could only watch Netflix from the couch all day.

    I’m a Taurus with a type A personality. You know, a “go getter” kind of girl. My whole life I’ve been proactive, as I worked toward making my dream life a reality, growing a successful business, accomplishing goals, and all the other stuff that goes along being a doer.

    It took a huge blow to the head to finally make me STOP.

    At first, I thought that I could manage to stop for a few weeks and then get back to my life. But my brain wasn’t fully healed, and every time I attempted to get myself back to normal, I failed. Read More

  • Lose control of your life


    Last night I had a dream in which I was falling from the sky at full speed and was about to smash my face into a gray concrete road. I don’t know about you, but every time I dream that I’m about to die, I wake up in a cold sweat. My heart pumps hard, and when I wake I’m relieved to find that I was just dreaming.

    Last night it was very different. As I was falling, I started to say within myself, “There is no fear, there is only love — Love only and only love.”

    My magic mantra didn’t stop me from hitting the ground. In fact, I hit the ground so hard, that the road broke into pieces. Mercedes, the body died, but my soul was still alive: vibrant, exultant and awake. Read More

  • How to use affirmations to your advantage


    One thing I always thought was missing from my DNA map is patience. I am a type A personality—very driven and very focused on what I want to manifest. And I’ve always struggled with the idea of letting things unfold in their own divine time.

    I’ve always wanted to get from point A to point C without passing through point B.

    When I didn’t see my business goals manifested at the speed I wished for, my impatience brought me anxiety. And when things didn’t seem to develop fast enough for me, I began to question everything I did.

    So as a New Year’s intention, I decided to practice something that has been always foreign to me:

    Read More

  • Five Tips to Cure the Holiday Blues and Feel Happy Again


    So you’re cranky. You don’t know why exactly, but you’re running on a short fuse. We all have those days – days when we’re worried, stressed out, or angry. God, I know those days! In this blog post I’ll share with you my own process, that helped me out to get out of a funk, so it may help you as well.

    Last week I’ve been moody for a few days, until one morning, I stopped what I was doing and I decided to take an honest look at my feelings.

    I gave myself some space to meditate. I had been avoiding the meditation part because I didn’t want to face myself. As soon as I closed my eyes, I could feel the emotions around all the things unsaid, the anger, the feeling of being overwhelmed that I’d been carrying around for a few days. Situations that I couldn’t control, people that let me down, all the things I wasn’t facing and dealing with, were burdening my heart.

    I had to surrender. What does surrender mean? It means giving up the fight. It means stopping ourselves from trying to figure it all out on our own. It means inviting a Power greater than ourselves to participate and shower us with love. The way I surrender is by simply talking to this Loving Power. I communicate with it very simply and get straight to the point. Read More

  • Are you feeling stuck, with a sense of overall flatness and loss of enthusiasm?


    For the last month I wasn’t feeling the Hell Yeah! that I talk about, which is the quality of enthusiasm that guides us to our joy daily. I also wasn’t feeling many Hell No’s! I was just feeling like my client Elize would say: “Meh… okay.”

    At first I tried to “make it right” and move into positive thinking, gratitude and affirmations. But the more I tried to get out of my rut, the heavier my rut became.

    I tried all sorts of things like physical exercise, eating dark chocolate and getting a manicure and pedicure. But all of them were short lived and still giving me that feeling of “Meh… okay.”

    I didn’t know why I was feeling this way, but I got to a point that I decided to allow myself to be in it.

    Instead of fighting my lack of enthusiasm, I surrendered to it.

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