Life is now ‘HELL YEAH’ and not ‘Meh.. okay’ and that’s all thanks to Mercedes

“Before working with Mercedes, I had no idea how to make my plans for my business come to life. It was like I was going in endless circles.
I signed up for a Discovery Session as soon as I found her website. What first drew me to her was that she was a multi-passionate entrepreneur (just like me!) and I found it so awesome that she was a pro surfer! I knew this woman would understand what it’s like to have so many different passions while working on a business as well.

In our Discovery Session Mercedes spent 15 minutes on the phone with me talking about the things I want to learn and how she can help. She made me feel excited yet comfortable with her. She was so genuine and understanding. It was her VIBRANT personality that had me hooked! I signed up for two sessions then and there!

My first session with Mercedes flew by in what felt like seconds, but, from that I had the recipe for starting my coaching practice as well as some incredible exercises and tools to use to help manifest more abundance within my business. I spent two weeks applying her methods and by our next session I had 5 clients!

The second session was even better, this time we went inwards. Mercedes taught me techniques that I now use every day to help deal with my deep-set beliefs and thoughts (cause let’s be honest, those thoughts love to pop up at the most inconvenient times!). Those techniques have already started transforming my life into an incredibly abundant experience.

Words can’t express how much she has helped me, I could write for days! Life is now ‘HELL YEAH’ and not ‘Meh.. okay’ and that’s all thanks to Mercedes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for manifesting abundance when you have this incredible cheerleader on your team. You seriously will NOT regret it!”