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This is a very special post. Last night I found out that my friend Michelle Pierson has passed away. My heart is broken. Michelle worked for me as a V.A for many years, since I started my online business in 2012.

She did all the behind the scenes of my blog posts, newsletters, webinars, workshops, everything. She was so much more than an assistant to me. She guided me to always chose to do what felt good to me. She always reminded me to come from a place of service to help others. She would put me back on track when I would get lost in business details and lose sight of my higher purpose.

She was “the coach behind the coach”. I trusted her with all aspects of my business as I would trust my own sister.

In December we had the most amazing, true conversation. We left behind our business roles, talked for a good hour on the phone  and laughed our hearts out sharing experiences that we were going through.

I will remember her as a free spirit, passionate woman, who always stayed true to herself.

If you have been following my work since I started, you need to know that Michelle’s magic touch has been a part of every step of the process. Her spirit is all along this website.  That’s why today I’m sharing this with you. Because in some way, if you follow my work, you have been touched by her.

Michelle had a special gift to help others  live a joyful, beautiful life.

I would like to share her legacy with you…Here’s how I will remember Michelle, with GRATITUDE for having had her been a part of my life:


I never ask for donations or anything but this time I’m doing it for Michelle. Her family is trying to get funds to fly to Hawaii to give her a proper memorial.

Please help if you can with any donation you could share to help Michelle’s family to fly to Hawaii. I promise, even if you only donate $2 or $5, that would help immensely.

Here’s the link to donate :
Thank you. This is what Abundance truly is, to be able to help and reach to others when they most need it 🙂

I will miss you Michelle Pierson. Thank you for having been my “right hand” woman for so many years.

Here are more videos from Michelle that will help you live a better life. Watch, listen, enjoy and soar to new heights!




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