The seven questions to ask yourself that will help you make any decision in life


Lately I’ve been presented with a “dream” project. A project that would pay me great money and propel me to huge exposure in my career. Something that I’ve prayed for to happen in the past has been presented to me at a time that felt like the “perfect time” to do it.

But there was a problem:

There was an energy behind it that was harsh.

Boundaries were overstepped.

I didn’t feel safe.

I didn’t feel comfortable.

For a few days, I tried to “make it work” in my mind. “Oh, I can do this. I only have to push through for a few weeks and then it will be done. I’ll get the money and all the glitz and glam that comes around with this”.

But in truth, as I started asking myself a few questions, I realized that I can’t make it work.

I don’t want to make it work.

I do want the money, but I want peace and Loving in my life above anything and everything else.

Last year as I experienced one change after the other, I was faced with so many decisions to make constantly: “Do I want to live in this place or move to that other place?”, “Do I want to date this person or not?” ,“Do I want to participate in this business project or let go of it?” “Do I want to launch this offer?”, “Do I want to surf or rest and recover my health?”.

On and on and on, I always had to make a decision of what would be best for my well being in all levels: from the physical, to the emotional, to the mental, to the spiritual.

I remember having a life changing conversation with my meditation teacher. He suggested that I would ask myself the following questions each time I was confronted with doubt.

The questions were so simple but resonated with so much power, that I had to write them down. And I lived by their answers since then.

The questions that I ask myself before any project I’m about to embark in, any relationship that I’m looking to participate in, or just how I want to live into the next moment are:

-Will it be Loving?

-Will it be joyful?

-Will it be fulfilling?

-Will it be of enthusiasm?

-Will I experience Loving or will I experience pain?

-Will it hurt me in the future?

-Is it worth bringing this energy into my life?

By being honest, the choices for me to make always show up sound and clear. In this case, my peace and happiness had no price. So I let go of this offer and trusted that everything will be just fine. Because it is and it always is.

Being empowered to me is to see things how they truly are, just as they are. And then choosing: is this something that I want to participate in or not?

There is no right or wrong answer. You might say “Yes, I can deal with this and I still want to participate in this even if it’s not going to be Loving”. But at least you’ve CHOSEN.  That is empowering.

With any choice, you get what comes with it.

If what comes with it is that you are not feeling light, expansive, joyful or enthusiastic, you can always go back to the seven questions and check in with yourself what the next step for you is.

You’ll be amazed by how simple life becomes when you can follow these questions and answer to each of them with an open heart . You may be surprised as you choose to let go of a huge offer (like I did) in exchange of your peace of mind… The sense of freedom gained: priceless.

Or on the other side of things, you may say YES to projects that will mean nothing to your bank account and everything to your heart.

And then there will be the times where there is a middle way: an alignment of what you truly want and what you truly need. The more we open the path and make the space, the latter will manifest in greater ways in our lives.

I hope that these seven questions help you to move forward wherever you may be right now. I’d love to hear from your experience in the comments below. Feel free to share your journey with us!

Besos and Unlimited Abundance,


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