What if I am not good enough to do the work that I want to do?


Today I will address a few concerns from Alicia, who wrote in to share about what I feel many of us may be afraid of. I encourage you to read them as they may help you to find a different perspective in your own situation.

Have you ever been afraid of what people would say once they found out what your dreams really were? Or what you are currently doing for work?

Have you ever felt afraid of not being visible in an already saturated market? Have you felt like there was no way to shine or make good money in your business?

Here are Alicia’s concerns:

“Hi Mercedes, I’m having bouts of self-doubt surrounding becoming a coach. I guess I fear putting myself out there and having my family and friends from a different lifetime find out and question it.

I’m also worried that the market is already saturated and that I won’t be able to generate real income AND even if I do get clients, I will not be able to provide quality service to them. I know that this is all silly talk, so I try to just keep going and put one foot in front of the other.

However, since these types of fears are the things that I would usually keep to myself while putting on a brave face in front of everyone else, I thought I would try to see what it would feel like to admit to them in a public forum. Thanks for “listening”.

Dear Alicia,

A lot of us in the coaching industry think that in order to be of service to others, our lives must be perfect and at a certain level, that we ourselves must be perfect.

During my first years of doing coaching, I was so afraid that people from my past would find out that I was doing this work because I was nothing like a saint in my younger years. I was a rebellious teenager that got in all kinds of trouble growing up.

I also have my temper, my mood swings and even to this day, I might be all zen and happy to then go and lose my temper when someone drops into a wave I’m surfing. Then it all goes out the door!

Bottom line:

I am not perfect, you are not perfect, nobody in this world is perfect. Doesn’t that feel good?

And even if we were, how would we be able to help others if we didn’t walk a path of obstacles and then overcome them to share those lessons? If it was all rainbows and ponies, how could someone even relate to us and trust us? The more I am myself (with the good, the bad and the ugly), the more people like to read my articles and follow my work.

Because at this time and age, we crave authenticity.

The key is to understand, that what we do as coaches is to help people with certain tools and different perspectives and approaches that they can incorporate into their lives to accomplish their goals.

Coaching is about being of service to others. The main question we should ask ourselves before we start a session with a client is:

“How can I best help them?”

If we bring our focus back to the action of service, then we can get out of our own way to do the best work to assist others.

So if you feel embarrassed, or you are judging yourself or taking judgment from others as you do your coaching practice, you can simply chose to accept those feelings, love yourself in those feelings and forgive yourself in those feelings.

You can say a statement such as this:

“I accept myself, love myself and forgive myself  just the way I am and I am here to best serve others.”

In regards to the second part of your question, yes, there are a lot of coaches in the market, but the key is to be yourself and find your differentiation: It could be your unique approach, the way you see things and the way you brand yourself and your business.

The coaching practice itself gets better the more we do it, so give yourself time and just remember that your goal is to serve others from your heart and give them all you can to help them move forward. If you do that, you will be giving quality service, no matter what stage of your coaching practice you are at now.

In regards to generating real income, you may find ways to leverage your business and make money not only by coaching, but through speaking events, group coaching, VIP retreats, workshops, books, you name it! The road is wide open and the sky is the limit!

Hope my answers help you manifest your abundant life.


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