Why Affirmations by Themselves Don’t Work + How to Overcome Fear of Going for a BIG Dream

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Pheeew! It’s been a while! I’m so happy to connect with you again!

Today I want to share a special interview that I’ve done with the amazing Life-Coaches, Whitney and Jake Rohel from Living By Design.

Whit & Jake are also founders of the Austin based company, Fit-Bar, a concept that incorporates fitness and social activities, so people can make health-minded quality friends.

I’ve been working with them for the last months and it’s been a joy to be a part of this amazing startup and see it grow and expand by the minute!

In this podcast, we sat down and we dove deep into my life.

You will get insights about how to use fear to our advantage (and how to overcome it when you are going for something BIG) and why being a part of a loving community is truly important for an abundant life.

We also talked about manifesting abundance and how to apply affirmations the right way (along with other tools) so they work!
Here’s something that I talked about in regards to this topic:

“You can say all the positive affirmations that you want, but if you’re trapped inside at Sunset (***big wave spot), the waves are GOING to smash you and the ocean isn’t going to let you out until it’s done with you.”

I found there are new ways to manifest and define what abundance means to me.
Hopefully, this audio inspires you to find your own way and have breakthroughs; A-HA moments that will help you to live a fuller life.
Listen here

If you are looking to make a big life change in your life, I highly recommend that you take advantage of Whit & Jake’s Coaching skills. They work!
They are offering a very special offer, just for today! 40% off for their coaching packages. Check it out here

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below and share your insights after you listen to the audio.



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