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  • Life and career changes


    I haven’t shared with you much lately cause I was so confused with everything that I just didn’t know where to start. As you may know, my life has been changing drastically during the last year: from a surfing accident that led me to a gnarly concussion that lasted a good 10 months, to getting divorced after 9 years married in the middle of my concussion recovery, to blah, blah, blah, it’s been rough. I lost my joy in life during the last months.
    In the midst of all these changes, career changes are showing up for me. What I was once passionate about (coaching women to manifest their dreams), blogging and doing speaking events on the subject of living an abundant life),  it’s now all upside down for me.
    I have no desire, nor energy (at least lately) to keep growing this “personal development” leader persona. I couldn’t care less. I was going for a “Gabby Bernstein” or “Danielle Laporte” kind of brand and business model, but now I don’t have that desire anymore.
    I don’t care about doing all the online work, masterminds, webinars, etc.

    I’m being very honest here, and maybe in two weeks, my mind may change and I’m launching something like that, cause I know that happens. When I live connected to the flow of Spirit, things are always evolving and changing in the moment.

    But as of today, I don’t have a desire to be this online entrepreneur/personal development star.
    Sooo, I had been doing a reality check with myself and I asked myself the same question I asked myself right before when I manifested my “impossible” dream of becoming a professional big wave surfer 7 years ago.

    The question was:

    If I could do anything in the world, if money was not an issue at all…what would I do? Read More

  • B-School is OPEN: Time to take action towards your business dreams!


    Three years ago I was debating whether I should join B-School or not. Thank goodness I did, or I would have wasted a lot of money, energy and resources trying to figure out how to take off with my business!

    Here is the good news for you:

    You now have the opportunity to join this amazing online course. B-School happens only 1 time per year, so if it’s the right fit for you — go for it now. One of the Keys to Abundance that I always share about is to Take Action. If the opportunity is present and feels like a “Hell Yeah!” to you, then do it.

    Marie lays out the entire curriculum so you can see for yourself exactly what you’ll learn, and what you won’t, in this 8 week training program.

    Learn all about it here

    On a personal note, I wanted to share with you why I love this program so much. Thanks to B-School I’ve been able to combine my passion for surfing with helping women from all over the world to manifest their business and life dreams. I had no idea how to put it all together when I started and how to take my message online to reach my ideal audience. I found my way thanks to this amazing online course, called B-School.

    I’ve created a platform of thousands of people who follow my work from North America, to Latin America, to Europe, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve been working with coaching clients from countries all over the world, as well as growing my media presence so I can jump into bigger dreams in the very close future (did I share about my book already? Of course I did! )

    Last week, I’ve been shooting two TV features for ESPN Latin America here in Hawaii! One is for extreme sports (where I shared about my journey in big wave surfing) and the other is  for a lifestyle TV show that focuses in inspiring women to follow their dreams. I’ve shared a bit about my life and some beauty secrets in the mix.

    I’ve been able to create this kind of positioning in my brand thanks to the tools I’ve learned in B-School. Read More

  • Behind the scenes of a multi-million dollar biz + the chance to win a B-School scholarship


    If you are a passionate entrepreneur, you will really like this:

    I’m very excited to present you with the final video from the free B-School training series.

    If it wasn’t for B-School I would still be working at random jobs (from babysitting to personal assistant to selling clothing at stores) in order to make a living.

    Not only  I now get to do what I LOVE everyday, (which is to help women from all over the world to manifest their biggest dreams), but I also get to make good money while I’m at it. This, to me, is a true Hell Yeah!

    I converted my passion into a profitable business that is growing everyday thanks to the tools I’ve learned at B-School.

    I invite you to watch the third and last video from this free training series so you can start shaping your dream into reality for yourself.

    Click here to watch and keep reading to learn about the bonuses and scholarships!

    Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.32.21 PM

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  • It’s confession time! What really creeped me out when I started my business

    I have a confession to make: years ago, when I started teaching about how to apply the principles of abundance in group settings I knew I wanted to make a business out of what I loved to do in my day to day life.
    The problem I faced was that I was too shy about putting my work out the into the world because I was afraid of what others may think.
    I knew I had to learn marketing skills to be able to share my message with a large amount of people around the world and make money with my coaching and speaking careers. The problem was that just the sound of the word “marketing” gave me the creeps. I could see in my mind these sleazy infomercial kind of marketeers and I wanted nothing to do with it!
    So, what were my options? I didn’t have any… I just kept doing what I was doing hoping that  word of mouth would take me far. But the truth was, it could only take me so far.
    If I wanted to commit and make a living doing what I loved the most, then I needed to get out of my comfort zone and jump into the online marketing world.
    I usually say that if you ask you will receive. Well, I asked the Universe to guide me to make my business dream a reality and within no time, Marie Forleo showed up in my life. Read More
  • How you can work from the beach! Free training: Watch this video if you want to grow your business


    Today I woke up with lots of work to do and wasn’t really “feeling” to work from my office desk all day long. So what did I do? I grabbed my journal, pen and I-Phone and headed to a beautiful beach with Ella.

    There, I’ve spent three hours working under the Hawaiian blue sky. Every half hour or so, I jumped in the ocean to swim with Ella (she gets crazy excited when I swim with her and I have to be attentive that she doesn’t scratch me as she swims towards me the whole time!). Don’t worry, I wore lots of sunblock and Ella drank lots of cold water during that time we spent at the beach.

    Aside from Ella barking and chasing every single surfer (she dies to get on their boards and go surfing with them) and me trying to fix my bad tan from having worn a wetsuit for the last three weeks of surfing in Hawaii (you should see half of my body tan and the other wetsuit shaped pale: not cute), I got a lot of work done.

    From my marketing to outlining most of the new changes on my book, stuff got done. Stuff that brings me income and makes my business keep growing each year further.

    Stuff that allows me to do what I love for a living and make great money as I do it.

    Yes, I know I am super lucky to be able to have this freedom to work under my own rules. Yet, I’ve created this for myself, with persistence, effort and the help of an amazing business mentor who has changed my life since 2012.

    Today, I am proudly presenting you a free video training from Marie Forleo. Marie is just pure awesome. She created an online program called B-School where she shares all the tools to make your dream business a reality. When I say that Marie is awesome I’m not kiddin’!

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  • Live Your Dreams


    This website is all about living an abundant, beautiful life. I am grateful to say that in my life, I was able to live my biggest dreams up to date. One of them was to be able to travel the world surfing the best waves and being sponsored by an amazing clothing company (Patagonia). By applying the Principles of Abundance and some manifestation tools, I was able to make my dreams a reality.

    I hope that the resources you find on this website help you go for your own dreams. Here you’ll find information for days: from interviews to blog posts, to podcasts, to videos, you name it, you have it here. I invite you to look around the different categories and enjoy yourself (and take some notes as you go).

    If you have a desire pressing in your heart, I hope you allow yourself to live it. Here’s a video that shows some of my biggest dreams being manifested during the last five years of my life. I am so grateful and feel so complete with my “bucket list”. Nowadays my dreams consist of sharing with people like you about Abundance and how to manifest your beautiful life. Of course, surfing is always top on the list for me, as it is the biggest joy in my life.

    Hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to live your life to the fullest: