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  • How do you go for your dreams, when those around you don’t support you?


    Are you upset because your family, your partner, or your friends don’t support you in your pursuit of your dreams?

    Have you ever shared a great business idea, or a life goal with a loved one, only to find that their response is indifference or lack of trust in your ability to succeed? They may even tell you that you are going to fail.

    If you’ve been holding back from going after your dreams, or if you’re trying to make your dreams work but are feeling defeated due to the lack of support, then this is an opportunity for you to reclaim your power.

    When we listen to the voices around us, follow them and believe them, we are giving our power away  to others, or even to our own fears.

    We all feel fearful when we are pursuing something big in our lives. It’s scary to drop what you’ve been doing for years and take a different path. It is scary to invest money in a project that we don’t know is going to be profitable. Nothing in this life is certain (well they say that only taxes and death are).

    When we go after our dreams, we need to use every inch of our self-confidence to build a foundation of faith that will support us in the shaky times. Read More

  • Four tips to overcome perfectionism


    Are you putting off launching your online program, writing your book, getting your website ready or doing your sales copy?

    Over the past few years, I’ve talked to hundreds of women who shared similar scenarios:

    They had a dream, but they didn’t want to fail. So they didn’t do anything.

    They said they were working on their projects, but they got stuck in the details. They wouldn’t let go of their work, wouldn’t let others see it, until it was absolutely perfect.

    Or even worst: they wouldn’t even start working on their projects because of the high expectation they had placed on themselves.

    The problem is that we stop moving forward because we get stuck trying to achieve perfection.

    When your creativity is held inside you, you get stagnant and start feeling disconnected from your Higher Self. When you’re disconnected from your true nature—the one that creates, manifests, activates, and shares, you may start feeling sad, angry or even depressed.

    Most of the time we have these feelings, because we’re avoiding what we need to do. In that avoidance, we get lost.

    If you are going through this situation, I want you to try something different. If anything, try it only for a day and see how it goes. It may be the start you need to break through. Read More

  • What if I am not good enough to do the work that I want to do?


    Today I will address a few concerns from Alicia, who wrote in to share about what I feel many of us may be afraid of. I encourage you to read them as they may help you to find a different perspective in your own situation.

    Have you ever been afraid of what people would say once they found out what your dreams really were? Or what you are currently doing for work?

    Have you ever felt afraid of not being visible in an already saturated market? Have you felt like there was no way to shine or make good money in your business?

    Here are Alicia’s concerns:

    “Hi Mercedes, I’m having bouts of self-doubt surrounding becoming a coach. I guess I fear putting myself out there and having my family and friends from a different lifetime find out and question it.

    I’m also worried that the market is already saturated and that I won’t be able to generate real income AND even if I do get clients, I will not be able to provide quality service to them. I know that this is all silly talk, so I try to just keep going and put one foot in front of the other.

    However, since these types of fears are the things that I would usually keep to myself while putting on a brave face in front of everyone else, I thought I would try to see what it would feel like to admit to them in a public forum. Thanks for “listening”.

    Read More

  • A fun game to help you stay present in your life


    Today I want to share with you a game or a challenge that’s been really transformative for me in becoming more present in my life. I think when we are more present in our lives we can really take charge and be responsible for directing how our life goes. Rather than us feeling like we are being run by our emotions and our thoughts, we can start to create the life we want.

    In this video you will learn a fun game my husband Gregg and I play. We noticed these three patterns that go in a triangle which cause us to lose our inner power, hence the name of the game The Bermuda Triangle. The more you play this game, the more you will become aware of what is running you day to day and how to transform it.

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  • 4 Lessons From A Date Night Gone Bad (+ Are We Manifesting Our Bad Luck?)


    Have you read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks? In the book, he talks about what he calls the Upper Limit problem. He explains that we sabotage our own happiness when things are going well for us, because we can only allow so much abundance into our lives.

    He goes on to explain that we are only comfortable with a certain amount of happiness, joy or money, and that when we are about to exceed our self-imposed limit, we unconsciously create situations to ruin those moments so we don’t move into more prosperity.

    Oh well, I did just that the other night…

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  • Lose control of your life


    Last night I had a dream in which I was falling from the sky at full speed and was about to smash my face into a gray concrete road. I don’t know about you, but every time I dream that I’m about to die, I wake up in a cold sweat. My heart pumps hard, and when I wake I’m relieved to find that I was just dreaming.

    Last night it was very different. As I was falling, I started to say within myself, “There is no fear, there is only love — Love only and only love.”

    My magic mantra didn’t stop me from hitting the ground. In fact, I hit the ground so hard, that the road broke into pieces. Mercedes, the body died, but my soul was still alive: vibrant, exultant and awake. Read More