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  • Life and career changes


    I haven’t shared with you much lately cause I was so confused with everything that I just didn’t know where to start. As you may know, my life has been changing drastically during the last year: from a surfing accident that led me to a gnarly concussion that lasted a good 10 months, to getting divorced after 9 years married in the middle of my concussion recovery, to blah, blah, blah, it’s been rough. I lost my joy in life during the last months.
    In the midst of all these changes, career changes are showing up for me. What I was once passionate about (coaching women to manifest their dreams), blogging and doing speaking events on the subject of living an abundant life),  it’s now all upside down for me.
    I have no desire, nor energy (at least lately) to keep growing this “personal development” leader persona. I couldn’t care less. I was going for a “Gabby Bernstein” or “Danielle Laporte” kind of brand and business model, but now I don’t have that desire anymore.

    I’m being very honest here, and maybe in two weeks, my mind may change cause I know that happens. When I live connected to the flow of Spirit, things are always evolving and changing in the moment.

    But as of today, I don’t have a desire to be this online entrepreneur/personal development star.
    Sooo, I had been doing a reality check with myself and I asked myself the same question I asked myself right before when I manifested my “impossible” dream of becoming a professional big wave surfer 7 years ago.

    The question was:

    If I could do anything in the world, if money was not an issue at all…what would I do? Read More

  • Live Your Dreams


    This website is all about living an abundant, beautiful life. I am grateful to say that in my life, I was able to live my biggest dreams up to date. One of them was to be able to travel the world surfing the best waves and being sponsored by an amazing clothing company (Patagonia). By applying the Principles of Abundance and some manifestation tools, I was able to make my dreams a reality.

    I hope that the resources you find on this website help you go for your own dreams. Here you’ll find information for days: from interviews to blog posts, to podcasts, to videos, you name it, you have it here. I invite you to look around the different categories and enjoy yourself (and take some notes as you go).

    If you have a desire pressing in your heart, I hope you allow yourself to live it. Here’s a video that shows some of my biggest dreams being manifested during the last five years of my life. I am so grateful and feel so complete with my “bucket list”. Nowadays my dreams consist of sharing with people like you about Abundance and how to manifest your beautiful life. Of course, surfing is always top on the list for me, as it is the biggest joy in my life.

    Hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to live your life to the fullest:


  • How to quickly move from hurt to happiness


    Guest post by Hanna Bier

    Looking back at my life I notice that what has propelled me forward and what has made the biggest impact on my journey were the breakdowns.

    More precisely, the way I broke down.

    For many years, I used all of my energy to resist my shadows and to ignore my sadness. I tried to push through no matter what and keep my face so that nobody will see my struggle.

    Every time I did this, I grew a little more stiff and bitter and my belly contracted a little bit more. The more I hid my ugly truth, me more I shrunk. Read More

  • A new way to approach the end of the year balance (+How I could bring a positive balance to one of the worst years of my life)


    I hope this time of the year is finding you well. For most of us, the approaching New Year is a time of reflection, a time when we pause to assess the past year and look toward the future.

    We take time to evaluate our projects and dreams, enjoy the dreams fulfilled and pave a path for those we did not achieve. We put into place our intentions for the coming year and plan how to proceed with them. We consider whether we need to switch gears. We wonder if we need to let go of the dreams we’ve outgrown, so that we can move into new ones. We question whether we need to take more action, or if we should stop and focus on resting. We ask ourselves what changes we need to allow into our lives, and how we can best grow in the coming year.

    New Years is a great time to be honest with ourselves.

    In my case, 2014 was a year that most people would consider a horrible year. Read More

  • A new approach to gratitude that will get you through rough times faster


    If you live in the United States, you’ll probably be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this Thursday.

    We have so much to be grateful for, and Thanksgiving is a nice opportunity to pay attention to our blessings, including our friends and family, our health, and healthy meals. We live in such abundance! I’ve found that gratitude is a powerful force. When I can be grateful for what is present in my life, everything seems to flow easier.

    Instead of looking at the half-empty glass, gratitude makes us focus on the half that is full.

    We are usually grateful for the great things in our lives, but have you ever thought that you could be grateful for the tough times as well?

    We might have been able to be thankful for the lessons learned that came after the hardship.

    Once we were on the other side of the pain, and had gotten our lives back  together, we were able to acknowledge the lessons that we learned from the tough times.

    Through these lessons we grew immensely, became stronger and maybe even more spiritually aware. We were grateful for the lesson – after the fact.

    I came to discover a new way to apply gratitude in my life that has transformed me at a deep level.

    Four years ago, I was starting my coaching practice and was giving my heart and soul to every aspect of growing my business. My dream was to be able to help other women in creating their dream lives, and I also wanted to be able to pay my bills while doing so.

    I put an extraordinary amount of work into getting my website ready, making my brand message clear, and learning about marketing so I could have traffic and visitors to my website. In other words, all that jazz that every entrepreneur has to go through in the beginning stages of a business.

    I was doing this by myself, and I sometimes hit walls along the way. I asked myself how do I get clients? How do I get more readers for my blog? Read More

  • How to Have a Positive Attitude When Things Don’t Go Your Way


    Today I want to share with you about an experience I had a few days ago, a new insight came to me. I made a major upgrade in my life that led me to greater Abundance. It wasn’t about anything material. It was about my attitude!

    I had to take a flight from Austin back home to Hawaii. I made it to the airport on time and ended up waiting for more than 4 hours because the incoming plane was delayed. I finally had to cancel my flight and schedule it for the next day, as I was not going to make the connection on time.

    In the beginning I thought: “Hmmm, how can I manifest going home today? What am I doing wrong here?” But something in me was open to seeing what would unfold from this experience. So I went along with it and was actually excited to see what surprises were in store for me with this situation.

    Read More