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  • Four tips to overcome perfectionism


    Are you putting off launching your online program, writing your book, getting your website ready or doing your sales copy?

    Over the past few years, I’ve talked to hundreds of women who shared similar scenarios:

    They had a dream, but they didn’t want to fail. So they didn’t do anything.

    They said they were working on their projects, but they got stuck in the details. They wouldn’t let go of their work, wouldn’t let others see it, until it was absolutely perfect.

    Or even worst: they wouldn’t even start working on their projects because of the high expectations they had placed on themselves.

    The problem is that we stop moving forward because we get stuck trying to achieve perfection.

    When your creativity is held inside you, you get stagnant and start feeling disconnected from your Higher Self. When you’re disconnected from your true nature—the one that creates, manifests, activates, and shares, you may start feeling sad, angry or even depressed.

    Most of the time we have these feelings, because we’re avoiding what we need to do. In that avoidance, we get lost.

    If you are going through this situation, I want you to try something different. If anything, try it only for a day and see how it goes. It may be the start you need to break through. Read More

  • You, Me + Hawaii ( Let’s spend a magical time together in paradise!)


    Have you ever wished you had the clarity and focus to prioritize your business projects and tackle only those projects that would give you the most money and joy?

    Have you ever struggled when trying to decide which steps to take next in your business life as well as in your personal life?

    Have you ever dreamed of spending time on a beach in paradise working on your business goals with other like-minded entrepreneurs?

    And (drum roll)…Have you ever written “surfing” on your bucket list. And are you ready to tick it off?

    This is where I start doing cartwheels inside of me:

    I’ve developed a 5 day Surf, Abundance & Business High-Level Mastermind Retreat, where I will help you to gain the clarity you need to tackle the coming year with an action plan that will bring great results in your business and personal lives.

    Not only we will work on your business goals and life dreams in a super intimate group setting, but you will also SURF (I guarantee I’ll push you into a wave and you will ride it successfully!).

    For years, I’ve been developing a strategy that allows me to fulfill my life’s dreams in a very practical, tangible way.

    I’ve discovered that the keys to success are to have focus and to edit, doing only the projects that truly excite me. That’s how I find the enthusiasm to create in a focused way and make great money doing it.

    I have helped hundreds of women (and a few men) to gain clarity about their business and life goals, let go of what is not serving them anymore, and find the courage to only do the “Hell Yeah!” projects.

     Now I want to help you find your road map to success.

    I am beyond happy to host this Surf, Abundance and Business High-Level Mastermind Retreat in Hawaii with you in person, along with just a handful of other entrepreneurs. Read More

  • Let go of everything to receive EVERYTHING (+Take a peek inside my home!)


    Sometimes in order to make space for Abundance in our lives, we need to go through a huge shift. Sometimes we have to let go of everything to receive EVERYTHING.

    Sometimes it involves letting go of relationships that are not serving us for our growth anymore, living situations, the way we are approaching our careers or the way we are living our lives overall.

    Last year I “lost it all”: my health, my marriage, my home, my career for a full year, my joy, my happiness.

    For four months I could barely move out of the bed from an accident I suffered that led me to a brain injury that lasted 13 months. Every single day was a nightmare. My head was pounding and I couldn’t do anything at all. For the first three months I couldn’t even read an email because I would get fatigued.

    Then divorce came, shock, anger, depression, feeling totally lost.

    One night, as I was lying in the grass under a starry sky listening to Led Zeppelin, I realized that I was feeling totally empty.

    It wasn’t a “bad empty”, neither  a “good empty” feeling. Just neutral:  No desires, no pull, no wants.

    Total nothingness. A big, empty, uncomfortable space that I had no idea how I would fill up, if that would ever happen.

    I allowed myself time to heal and nurture my body and soul. I went back to the basics of eating well, spending time with my dog and surfing whenever my body allowed me. I meditated a lot and then some more.

    The void started to get filled slowly by a Loving force.

    Today, I feel full to overflow. Full of gratitude, joy and Abundance in my life.

    I see the perfect plan that the Universe had for me, that is much greater than anything I could have dreamed of.

    There’s only space for LOVE in my life, and nothing else. Just Loving (Love-in-Action) manifesting itself through my family, my old and new friends, the beauty of Hawaii, the connection with people like you that read what I write (thank you).

    As my life got fulfilled from within, the outer manifestation started to reflect that Abundance as well. Today I’m writing this post from my new condo as I watch the turquoise ocean from my window. Read More

  • A surprise I wasn’t expecting- How Abundance Manifests in Our Lives


    Hi there,

    I wrote this post a few days ago on my Facebook Page, and there was so much great response from my readers that I though I should share it with you as well:

    “Woke up for the first time in my new place. I don’t know how these things happen to me, but I ended up once again beside  the ocean. The Universe has a wonderful way of surprising me with its plans…

    A month and a half ago, I was informed I needed to leave my rental studio up in the hill in Pupukea. I went into a shock for five minutes, wondering why lately in my life there’s always more change on top of change. I didn’t have a clue of what to do next.

    I started looking for places to rent and that search changed into looking into buying my own place in Hawaii instead of renting. I found this tiny studio, with this ocean view at an incredible low price only 25 minutes from my favorite surf spots.

    Yesterday I moved in. It took 15 hours of non- stop work with friends helping along the way. Now I’m laying in my mattress (no bed yet), surrounded by boxes and bags, just a huge mess. But I couldn’t be any happier. This is the view from my bed.

    Read More

  • Learn one simple method to start making more money


    To expand into more abundance in our lives, we need to take small, consistent steps that change the way we view prosperity. In this video I share one simple way to start making more money. It will start working before you know it!

    This method is easy and fun, and it is meant to be done daily, every time you have contact with money. Read More

  • Jump in the water with me!


    I want to invite you to take a breather for a minute and jump in the water with me!

    Here’s a little compilation with some waves from this season in Hawaii.

    It was humbling to get back on the horse after a health problem that I suffered last year which left me sometimes surfing at 20% of my energy and strength. Yet, with perseverance and patience, I got to surf some great waves and I am so grateful for it!

    I never gave up on my dream of surfing big and small waves, and after a long healing process, I was able to do it!  I want to share this video to remind you that:

    Dreams DO come true!

    I hope it inspires you to go do what you LOVE!

    And if you are really committed to living your dreams now, I hope you’ll join us on May 13th for my new six week online course, Become Unlimited.

    This is THE most comprehensive course about connecting with Abundance so that you can manifest your dream life. Don’t miss it!

    Learn all about Become Unlimited!