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Hola! I’m Mercedes Maidana

My passion is to help people live their dreams.

I’m a writer, surfer and speaker. I’m currently running Surf, Dance & Wellness Retreats for Women in Hawaii! For eight days, we get to experience wellness to a whole new level: from surfing and meditating daily, to enjoying detoxing meals and stretching classes that culminate with a “booty shaking” dance night! It would be great if you could join us!

I’ve been sharing  the principles of Abundance so you can manifest your heart’s desires and live an abundant life. I share in my blog, as a contributor for The Huffington Post and on through my online courses.

So, what does an abundant life mean to me?

By abundant, I mean: happy, joyful, passionate, fulfilled life! Once you fill yourself from the inside out, all areas of your life will be aligned into more abundance.

By applying these methods I’ve got to live my own dreams! Now I want to teach you how you can do it. Let me first tell you a lil’ bit about me:



Here’s some of my story:

  • I was a city girl from Buenos Aires, a 13 million people city, living the urban life.
  •   At age 21, my heart was broken when the man I loved left me for another woman. I went into a dark phase in my life and spent 7 months depressed.
  • I went to Brazil for a short holiday so I could breathe some fresh air. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever!
  • Once in Brazil  I discovered surfing and I fell head over heels for the ocean.
  • I traveled the world looking for a place I would call home and ended up in Hawaii, where the best waves in the world break along the coast. Once settled in Hawaii, the allure of bigger waves started to call me.
  • At age 26, five years after having started surfing, I decided to become one of the best female big wave surfers in the world and to get paid to travel to chase those huge waves.
  • I knew exactly what company I wanted to get sponsored by: Patagonia. My goal seemed impossible to attain but my passion was so strong that I could not- not follow it!

I put into use all the manifesting techniques that I had learned throughout the years, and today I am living my dream!

These are some of the results:


  • I manifested a sponsorship with the amazing clothing company Patagonia.
  • For the last four years, I’ve got to travel the world for free, surfing whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted to go.
  • Six years after I started surfing I was nominated at the XXL Big Wave Awards as one of the three best women big wave surfers in the world.  Then I got nominated again in 2010 and in 2011.
  • Through my speaking engagements, I share with people tools to live their own dreams

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Now I’ll show you how you can live your version of an abundant life.

I know we can transform our lives and live in Abundance, no matter what has happened to us in the past or what is happening today. We can always go for a fresh start.

Join me on this Course in Abundance to manifest your dreams

I share abundance tools and spiritual principles, combined with a great deal of taking practical ACTION steps, so you can see real results in your life.
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