Do you feel fear of the future? How to overcome your rumbling mind and move into an abundant mindset

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Today I want to share an interview I did months ago with Mind & Money Coach Kylie Patchett.

What started as an interview focused on how to move into greater Abundance in our lives, ended up as a raw, honest conversation about fear, overcoming hardship and finding a way to deal with our unconscious thoughts that are keeping us apart from our peace and happiness.

When we recorded this interview, I remember feeling this energy of Abundance “taking over” me. There was a sense of enthusiasm coming through me and I couldn’t stop nor control the flow. I usually go where the energy leads me and in this case it was to share about a very personal process throughout the months that followed the separation from my ex-husband.

I always believed that if any of my experiences may help other people to overcome their own challenges then I will share with an open heart and in all honesty. This is exactly what happened in this heartfelt interview.

I hope this conversation uplifts you and gives you new tools to move into more Abundance in all areas of your life.

If life feels like a “Hell No!” right now, or if you are pushing too hard to try to “make things happen”, this is for you today.

Listen to the interview here

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You can visit Kylie’s website and follow her work at:

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