Are you self-sabotaging your abundance?


Today I want to share something that you may be feeling without even knowing about!

Do you feel guilty around your loved ones when things are too good for you?

From speaking with friends and clients lately, I’ve witnessed many women struggling through similar feeling and patterns:

When things are really starting to improve in their lives (bought their dream home, are making good money or in the pursuit of following their passions), they self sabotage because of feeling guilty to be in such a good place when their friends or relatives are still struggling.

Here is a video that will help you to see this situation with a new perspective. This will help you move into all the abundance that is waiting for you and in the process, help others step into more abundance as well.

Watch it below.

I’d love to hear from you  with a comment. What did you learn? Please share below!

See you next time with more tips and tools to live an abundant life!



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