Join me for a week of bliss in paradise!

Join me for a week of bliss in paradise!

I want to invite you to join us at the Surf, Dance & Wellness Retreat for Women in Hawaii. The first retreat starts on October 28th of 2017!

For 7 nights/8 days, we will experience the lighter side of life. These retreats are designed for a small group of women who are ready to have a new beginning, live new adventures (like surfing for the first time!) and find peace within.

We will surf, meditate, eat healthy foods and also have a lot of fun! (a little bird told me that we’ll be dancing (AKA: shaking out booties) at night! 😉

Better yet, watch this video where I share what this retreat is all about!

This is  for you if you could use 8 days of:

-Spiritual connection
– Again… did I say the word FUN?

Hey, life is too short to not have fun!
Here’s the link to the website:

Who knows, I might see YOU in Hawaii!

With sincere gratitude,

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