• Do you feel fear of the future? How to overcome your rumbling mind and move into an abundant mindset


    Today I want to share an interview I did months ago with Mind & Money Coach Kylie Patchett.

    What started as an interview focused on how to move into greater Abundance in our lives, ended up as a raw, honest conversation about fear, overcoming hardship and finding a way to deal with our unconscious thoughts that are keeping us apart from our peace and happiness.

    When we recorded this interview, I remember feeling this energy of Abundance “taking over” me. There was a sense of enthusiasm coming through me and I couldn’t stop nor control the flow. I usually go where the energy leads me and in this case it was to share about a very personal process throughout the months that followed the separation from my ex-husband.

    I always believed that if any of my experiences may help other people to overcome their own challenges then I will share with an open heart and in all honesty. This is exactly what happened in this heartfelt interview. Read More

  • Are you afraid of what people you know may think about your work?


    If you are a coach, a writer, an artist or offering any service that provides value to others, you may have gone through times where you felt afraid of putting yourself out there because of the fear of what people may think of you. Not just the general public, but mostly people from your life such as family, friends, past or present co-workers and acquaintances.

    You may be thinking that you are not perfect enough to put yourself out there in the world and teach on the things you are passionate about. Or, you may be feeling embarrassed from past situations or even past “failures” and concerned about what these people think about your new career.

    Well, if some of this resonates, you are probably finding yourself stuck in growing your business and not doing what you really want to do for a living. Being in this place is such a disservice to your tribe because it stops you dead in your tracks from moving forward and helping the people that need it most.

    I share two key things you can do today that helps you to overcome these fears of being judged by people, especially the ones you know. This is the same process I apply in my life and business on a regular basis.

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  • Are you procrastinating in developing your business?


    You’ve started your business, and there is a hell of a lot to do! You have to work on your website, marketing, branding, social media, connections, building and growing your list, launching products, and the list keeps going!

    You have dreams and visions, but your days go by and it doesn’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. All you remember is that you entered Facebook in the morning, with the idea of just catching up with your virtual friends and, suddenly, the day is gone and nothing got done.

    Are you hiding behind Facebook, Twitter, or the TV?

    Well, you’re not alone. I’ve talked to many women who’ve shared similar concerns. They all find ways to procrastinate, and avoid taking responsibility for their businesses.

    If you’ve been avoiding what you need to be doing to grow your business, this may be a good time to ask yourself WHY.

    Why are you avoiding the things you need to do?

    Are you too stressed out?

    Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks you need to tackle in order to build momentum in your business.

    Maybe you’ve spent too much time comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, and you’re feeling defeated, frustrated, or that you’re not good enough to run a successful business.

    If you feel this way, I invite you to try something different. Read More

  • What if I am not good enough to do the work that I want to do?


    Today I will address a few concerns from Alicia, who wrote in to share about what I feel many of us may be afraid of. I encourage you to read them as they may help you to find a different perspective in your own situation.

    Have you ever been afraid of what people would say once they found out what your dreams really were? Or what you are currently doing for work?

    Have you ever felt afraid of not being visible in an already saturated market? Have you felt like there was no way to shine or make good money in your business?

    Here are Alicia’s concerns:

    “Hi Mercedes, I’m having bouts of self-doubt surrounding becoming a coach. I guess I fear putting myself out there and having my family and friends from a different lifetime find out and question it.

    I’m also worried that the market is already saturated and that I won’t be able to generate real income AND even if I do get clients, I will not be able to provide quality service to them. I know that this is all silly talk, so I try to just keep going and put one foot in front of the other.

    However, since these types of fears are the things that I would usually keep to myself while putting on a brave face in front of everyone else, I thought I would try to see what it would feel like to admit to them in a public forum. Thanks for “listening”.

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  • Five steps to organize your time and get your work done


    This week Julia, from Argentina, asked an important question. This is the problem she described:

    “After my father had a stroke I began managing our small family business. Since I was a little girl, my dream was always to run my own business.

    And, now that I have that chance it’s even more important for me to be able to run my business without adding to the stress that is part of being the mother of a new baby. I primarily work online. This means I spend most days at home.

    Yet, I’m not able to spend enough time with my child, and I can’t seem to get my work done. What can I do to organize my schedule so my work gets done, my business grows, and I have sufficient time to be a full-time mother?”

    This was my reply:

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  • Abundance, Big Waves & Hell Yeah’s! Jam packed video interview to help you achieve your business dreams


    Do you still have fears and blockages stopping you from creating the life and business you desire? Are you looking for the how-to steps to get you there? Or maybe you would like to tap into your inner power and fuel that into your work.

    Today I invite you to gift yourself the time to sit down, relax and take notes while you watch this jam packed interview full of practical and powerful tips and exercises to help you achieve your dreams. I’ll share things like how I used the manifesting principles and my 5 Keys to Abundance to combine all my talents and make my dream happen. And how you can do the same too! Plus I cover key areas such as business, spirituality, abundance, and personal development. Read More